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Top 10 Best Affordable Snowshoes for 2017

There’s nothing quite like the adventure of exploring a landscape blanketed by a fresh fallen snow. The pure white palette coupled with the deafening quiet left in the aftermath of a winter storm is truly awesome to trek into and appreciate.

A pair of snowshoes grants you access to the wilderness when it’s otherwise impassable. It allows you to immerse into a natural setting unaffected by the usual disturbances of man. Even small, highly frequented woodlands, parks and public spaces become void of humans after a heavy snow and are temporarily reclaimed by local wildlife alone. To own a pair of snowshoes grants one admission to this raw and authentic landscape — it allows one to get away from it all and peer back in time to an era before man, right in one’s own back yard.

Whether you’re interested in trekking miles across a frozen landscape or just going for a woodland stroll around your favorite local park, you’ll love the freedom a new pair of snowshoes offers. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the most challenging part of the year to get outside and an awesome opportunity to view your local wilderness through a new lens. Our top 10 list includes some great quality, affordable options for men, women and children. If you’re new to snowshoeing then this is a great place to start. Give the gift of winter exploration to an adventurer in your life or get out there yourself and see what the snow ridden landscape has been veiling all this time!

1. Enkeeo All Terrain Aluminum Alloy Snowshoes

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Here’s a great value pair of aluminum showshoes by Enkeeo. This model comes in four different sizes from 18 to 30 inches — the largest size supporting up to 210 pounds. The metal frame is super durable and resistant to regular wear and tear. Despite the almost all metal build, the aluminum construction keeps these snowshoes nice and lightweight (about two to three pounds each depending on size). There’s nice quality heel straps equipped with quick release buckles for a solid foot hold while trekking. The double ratcheting bindings are compatible with most footwear and cinch down firm on both the front and middle of the foot as well as the heel. The PE decking provides great flotation while the aluminum crampons give you some good bite into frozen ground for maximum traction. All in all, the simple but effective design of these snowshoes coupled with their low price makes them a great choice for any beginner to intermediate snowshoer!

Price: $49.99 — $59.99 & FREE Shipping (up to 45 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Enkeeo All Terrain Aluminum Alloy Snowshoes here.


  • Sizing available for kids and adults
  • Aluminum construction makes these shoes lightweight and durable
  • Added crampons provide some aggressive traction for icier days
  • Comes in a cool gold on black color scheme


  • Complaints about the traction when trekking downhill

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2. Alps All Terrain Snowshoes

alps, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes, kids, cheap


Here’s another set of snowshoes with sizing suitable for men, women and children. The all terrain snowshoes by Alps are designed with an aluminum frame and a lightweight, Nytex deck. Both materials employed in the construction have been selected due to their low weight and tough, built-to-last durability. The bindings are quite comparable to the previous pair — two ratchet straps for the top of your foot and a heel strap to keep everything snug. The bindings have been specifically molded to eliminate any pressure points while walking — the aim is to cradle and pad the arch and ball of your foot once properly adjusted. These are a comfortable, easy to use pair of snowshoes that are ideal for beginners. The aluminum crampons assist with more gnarly terrain, but customer reviews insist you should probably buy a higher performing snowshoe if you want to really get off trail. As far as sizing goes, the 21 inch model is ideal for users 80 to 160 pounds while the 25 inch model is optimized for users 150 to 200 pounds. The largest size at 30 inches is suitable for users 180 — 250 pounds. Alps includes a nice quality carry bag with this pair so you can keep them packed nice and neat. For the cost, this is an excellent choice for the beginner snowshoer.

Price: $39.99 – $74.99

Buy the Alps All Terrain Snowshoes here.


  • Sizing available for men, women and kids
  • Ratchet strapping is well designed for a comfortable, pressure-point free fit
  • Aluminum crampon assist with traction control
  • Materials used are exceptionally lightweight


  • Some users claim this pair really doesn’t handle heavy, deep snow well… these are more for leisure than for off-trail exploration

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3. Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

lucky bums, affordable snowshoes, showshoes

Lucky Bums

I really like these snowshoes by Lucky Bums for kids and teens. These make solid snowshoes for adults as well, but the largest size available (26 inches) has a weight limit of 175 pounds. A ton of parents rave about these snowshoes for their superior quality over other affordable units for kids. These are the real deal scaled down for children’s sizing so you can bring the little ones along for a full-on winter romp. The frame is built with aluminum for minimum weight while the bindings have been designed to be as simple as possible for the kiddos. There’s only one strap that comes over the top of the foot, but considering the targeted weight of the user, that shouldn’t pose a problem in most snow conditions. When fitted properly, each step is supposed to engage a hinge that lifts the back of the snowshoe, increasing mobility and adding some extra lateral support. For a budget pair of snowshoes geared towards children this set by Lucky Bums is a pretty kick-ass option.

Price: $39.99 — $69.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes here.


  • Awesome, real-deal quality snowshoes for kids!
  • Bindings are built to be super easy to adjust
  • Come in three different color options!


  • Max weight limit on the largest size is 175 pounds
  • Only one strap over the top of the foot — adults should look elsewhere for a snowshoe that will remain snug in deeper snow conditions

Find more Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes
information and reviews here.

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4. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

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These are my favorite highly affordable snowshoes on this list for moderate to intermediate terrain. The Trekkers by Chinook have an awesome look and come at a killer price. These aluminum frame snowshoes come equipped with double ratchet bindings for a fit that’s seriously snug and simple to modify. The heel strap is also adjustable so you can find that perfect fit specific to your boot. Heavy duty aluminum crampons are present on the sole for some much needed added traction. Customer reviews insist these snowshoes both bite frozen terrain well and perform just fine in deeper, unpacked powder. There’s a wide range of sizing available with this model, so make sure to choose your pair wisely. The decks are built from UV resistant polyethylene so they won’t get worn out over time by the intense light of a snow laden landscape. Although these snowshoes are geared towards more leisurely outings, Chinook has really built this pair to last for many seasons of trekking. The included carry bag is a nice added touch for travel and for packing up your shoes mess-free. For a pair under $100, Chinook has come up with a sharp pair of snowshoes with an outstanding reputation.

Price: $45.94 – $94.31

Buy the Chinook Trekker Snowshoes here.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame is effective and has a cool, sporty look as opposed to some boxier looking models
  • Decks are UV resistant so they won’t wear out due to sun exposure
  • Wide range of sizing available
  • Two separate bindings over the foot and an adjustable heel strap make for a highly customizable fit


  • Although the strapping and bindings are effective, there’s some customer complaints about their integrity — don’t cinch these down too aggressively

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5. MSR Evo 22 Snowshoe

msr, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes


Here’s a higher quality, top reviewed snowshoe from MSR. If you have some experience snowshoeing or just want to purchase something of superior quality as an introduction, MSR is a great brand to check out. These almost futuristic looking snowshoes are one of the most popular models on the market — and for good reason. These are one of the top performing snowshoes for rolling terrain; if you’re interested in short or multi-day treks across vast, expansive landscapes then look no further. For steep, more mountainous terrain, you might want to check out the Ascents also by MSR. At only three and a half pounds, (total) it’s the plastic base material employed in the design of these snowshoes that makes them so lightweight. The flexibility of the material also allows these snowshoes to shed snow really effectively. MSR has crafted this model to perform using unibody traction — it’s a system where steel traction rails and brake bars are molded directly into the snowshoe decks. Customer reviews insist the system makes this model seriously solid underfoot even over sketchy, frozen terrain. The duofit bindings compliment the traction control of the Evos beautifully — they provide a snug fit for men’s boot sizes five to fifteen! The bindings are further designed to be easily adjustable while wearing your gloves so you can keep your hands toasty in the field.

Perhaps the coolest feature of these snowshoes is that you can attach separately sold modular flotation tails to the back for all condition adaptability! The flotation tails allow you to easily attach a larger foot bed for increased mobility and maneuverability in deeper snow conditions. You can even attach and detach the tails without removing the snowshoes! It’s a really neat innovation that makes this pair of snowshoes far more versatile than even higher priced competitors. The tails sell for about $40 on their own, or you can purchase them as a bundle when selecting your Evo Snowshoe. As far as affordable snowshoes go, the Evos by MSR provide the best quality unit without entering too steep a price range. If you want a real and true, versatile snowshoeing experience that won’t limit you as you gain proficiency – start here.

Price: $139.95 & FREE Shipping

Buy the MSR Evo 22 Snowshoe here.


  • Material is super lightweight and sheds snow very well
  • Really great traction achieved through MSR’s unibody traction feature
  • Modular floatation tails makes this pair of snowshoes super versatile and up for a wide range of terrain
  • Package deals available (include flotation tails, carry case, etc.)


  • Borders on being an expensive snowshoe, but you get more than you pay for with these — truly an awesome value!

Find more MSR Evo 22 Snowshoeinformation and reviews here.

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6. Pansel Performance Light Weight Snowshoes for Men, Women and Kids

pansel, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes, kids


Here’s a straightforward pair of snowshoes from Pansel with sizing suitable for the whole family. The smallest size (22 inches) is ideal for users 80 to 120 pounds while the largest size (35 inches) is optimized for users 190 to 230 pounds. These are aluminum frame snowshoes that employ the classic elongated shape for maximum flotation on deeper snow. Although these are built with light weight materials, they are not terribly light coming in at about three and a half pounds each. That’s to be expected based on the larger design of the snowshoes overall. Pansel has built this unit with two, over the foot bindings and an adjustable heel strap so you can really get the proper fit. The quality of the materials used here is pretty solid for the price tag — definitely a good value snowshoe option. For a simple approach to the snowshoeing world that will outcompete the cheapo alternatives, give this pair by Pansel a go.

Price: $79.99 — $105.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Pansel Performance Light Weight Snowshoes for Men, Women and Kids here.


  • Nice quality strapping and bindings
  • Both available color schemes have a real sharp look
  • Wide range of sizing available
  • Carry bag included


  • Elongated shape is effective in a variety of snowfields, but it might take a little more getting used to compared to shorter snowshoes for beginners

Find more Pansel Performance Light Weight Snowshoes for Men, Women and Kids information and reviews here.

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7. MTN 25 Inch All Terrain Snowshoes With Nordic Pole and Free Carrying Bag

mtn, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes, cheap snowshoes


Here’s a sweet value pair of snowshoes that come equipped with trekking poles and a carry bag so you’re ready to rock! The quality here is by no means excellent, but for a budget pair of snowshoes that include poles and a carry bag these are well built and well reviewed. The trekking poles are highly reviewed on their own and absolutely multi-functional! This pair by MTN has a very comparable build to the snowshoes by Alps located at number two of this list. They are designed with an aluminum tubing frame and decks built from lightweight Nytex material to remain as weightless as possible. These might be a bit clunky and cumbersome for some users at first, but this should be a good pair of snowshoes to learn on. This model is 25 inches long and have an optimum weight range of about 150 to 175 pounds. These unfortunately wont accommodate a very wide range of users, so if you’re buying snowshoes to share between friends or family you might want to look elsewhere (try number seven on this list!). MTN has built these snowshoes with some pretty awesome traction — 8-Trac stainless steel toe crampons assist you on those steeper grades and more frozen terrain. The bindings are standard for snowshoes in this price range and will perform just fine. Overall, this is one of the best deals out there if you fall within the narrow (but typical) optimum weight range.

Price: $55.95

Buy the MTN 25″ All Terrain Snowshoes With Nordic Pole and Free Carrying Bag here.


  • Excellent value with included poles and carry bag
  • toe crampons are a great added feature for navigating steeper grades and frozen terrain
  • Customer reviews insist the trekking poles are awesome for all sorts of outings aside from just snowshoeing!


  • Only one size available with a somewhat narrow optimum weight range (150 to 175 pounds)

Find more MTN 25″ All Terrain Snowshoes With Nordic Pole and Free Carrying Bag information and reviews here.

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8. Winterial Yukon Snowshoes

winterial, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes


I find these unique style snowshoes from Winterial to be pretty radical. The aluminum frame coupled with the plastic body design makes for an exceptionally lightweight snowshoe (about two pounds) that can withstand some real wear and tear. The metal rail system on the underside of the shoes provide some exceptional traction when navigating more intense topography. It’s a pivotal traction system that sets these shoes apart from a lot of other affordable units. This pair is offered in one size — Winterial has built them at 24.5 inches long. Although there’s only one size available, these snowshoes are built to accommodate for a wide range of users. The optimum weight is between 140 and 240 pounds — that’s a big spread that will perform great for most teens and adults! These could be a great pair of snowshoes to share between friends or family if you’re all different sizes! Winterial even includes a carry bag and a pair of anti-shock, expandable poles with this purchase! For around $100 this is no doubt an awesome value package deal!

Price: $109.99 & FREE Shipping (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Winterial Yukon Snowshoes here.


  • Very lightweight at just over two pounds
  • Super easy to get in and out of
  • These will fit and perform well for a wide range of users (140 — 240 pounds)
  • Superior grip over sketchy terrain due to the metal traction rails
  • Awesome overall value with the poles and carry bag included!


  • Only one size available! Won’t be compatible for particularly light or heavy users

Find more Winterial Yukon Snowshoes information and reviews here.

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9. MSR Tyker Snowshoe

msr, snowshoes, kids snowshoes, affordable snowshoes


Here’s a great pair of snowshoes for the little guys and gals. You won’t have to leave the kids behind with these, and they’ll love getting out into the winter wonderland too! The Tyker snowshoe by MSR is no doubt one of the top performing snowshoes for kids out there. There’s a lot of alternatives, but it seems like most other snowshoes built for youngsters treat the product more like a toy than a piece of outdoor equipment and therefore sacrifice quality. This model however is the real deal. These are great, adult quality snowshoes simply scaled down for children’s use. The weight capacity on these shoes goes up to 80 pounds and the bindings will accommodate most footwear in (adult) sizes one to four and a half. The bindings are designed for smaller sized hands and are simple to adjust even for children. MSR has employed their awesome unibar traction system into the design of these snowshoes but built them from plastic rather than metal as a safety precaution. This way your kid has the bad-ass traction of a real, high performing snowshoe without any jagged metal present that could potentially cause an injury! The price is definitely right on these — you won’t find a better quality pair of snowshoes anywhere near this price range. If you’re shopping for an older child or teen who’s over 80 pounds, check out the Shifts also by MSR. They have a load capacity up to 125 pounds and still come at a very reasonable price! Make sure to view the snowshoe options available from MSR if you’re shopping for the whole family, they have some great options for men, women and children!

Price: $59.95 & FREE Shipping

Buy the MSR Tyker Snowshoe here.


  • This is a real deal, high performing snowshoe for kids — not a toy!
  • Awesome traction rails built from plastic rather than metal as a safety precaution
  • Surprisingly affordable for such a quality unit!
  • Bindings are kid friendly!


  • More expensive than other kids snowshoes, but completely worth the cost and still an excellent value

Find more MSR Tyker Snowshoe information and reviews here.

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10. Goplus All Terrain Snowshoes With Anti-Shock Adjustable Poles & Carry Bag

Goplus, snowshoes, affordable snowshoes

Here’s one more sweet package deal that includes a carry bag and anti-shock poles. These snowshoes from Goplus have a super low price tag and are pretty well built. They have a kind of a unique look that I personally think is pretty tough. This model is built with an aluminum frame and plastic decking, but they’re not that lightweight at four pounds each. These are pretty clunky snowshoes, but what they lack in agility they make up for in durability and traction. The aluminum crampon inserts are arranged nicely and should provide some pretty great traction. The fast lock buckles make getting in and out of these snowshoes a breeze. It’s a simple strapping system but it does the job just fine for most terrain. This is a dirt cheap pair of snowshoes that will perform great for any beginner. The added carry bag and poles makes this is great value purchase that if you care for properly will last you season after season.

Price: $45.99 & FREE Shipping (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Goplus All Terrain Snowshoes With Anti-Shock Adjustable Poles & Carry Bag here.


  • Include a carry bag and anti-shock poles
  • Built very rugged — these are some pretty solid snowshoes
  • Aluminum crampons add some needed traction


  • These are fairly heavy snowshoes at around 4 pounds each, they might be a bit clunky for some users

Find more Goplus All Terrain Snowshoes With Anti-Shock Adjustable Poles & Carry Bag information and reviews here.

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