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Tools of the Trade

When thrift shopping, there are several tools that I’ve found very useful. They help maintain the condition of your “new” clothes.


I end up wearing a lot of cotton and polyester, which while comfortable, tend to pill easily. For Christmas I asked for a Fabric Defuzzer, and I get excited at every opportunity to use it. It does require a steady hand and even pressure, so I recommend practicing on an old towel first. Owning this tool opened up the selection of thrift store clothes I want to buy. Before, I would find several lovely tops or skirts that I left behind just because of slight pilling, but now, that’s not a problem!

This year, because of college, I was forced to move my wardrobe into a tiny armoire that has a hanger bar that’s only 16 inches long! As a result, I don’t have space all the hangers I am accustomed to. Thank goodness I discovered these multi shirt and skirt hangers.  These tripled the amount of my finds I can fit on the despairingly short hanger bar.

I do not have the means to hand wash my clothes, nor do I really want to. Instead, I use a number of delicates mesh bags. These save me effort, and are probably more gentle than my fingernails. Like regular laundry, I separate by color, zip them up, and throw them in with the rest.


My family thought I was crazy when I started cataloging my whole wardrobe, but I find that the benefits outweigh the time costs. I use Your Closet App, which is only available on the Google Play Store, but I’ve seen great reviews for StyleBook for Apple devices. Now that I have all of my current wardrobe inputted, whenever I get something new, it just takes a few seconds to add. I also like being able to note material, where I’ve also created tags for washing instructions (No Dryer, Hand Wash, etc).

My favorite feature is the ability to see Cost Per Wear, which is calculated by the item’s cost divided by the amount of times it’s worn. Some of my thrift store finds have a cost of  >$1! It also guilts me into wearing more expensive clothes more often. It’s so addicting to watch the cost decline over time!

There is also a packing feature, which I use for trips and deciding what to bring with me to school. I recommend this for those who have their wardrobe divided between multiple locations, so they can coordinate outfits on the go.


Here is an example of one of my outfits, using only the apps editing

Honorable Mentions

Sewing materials, such as a seam ripper and/or sewing machine. I personally have not learned how to sew yet, but knowing how to do so definitely adds to the versatility of most clothes. I hardly spend time in the T-shirt sections anymore, but for a while I dabbled in shirt reconstruction. I got my tutorials for these projects from books and handy ol’ Pinterest.


What are some of your favorite tools or tips? I’m always looking for ways to improve my game!

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