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The TWSBI Fountain Pens

Wow! That’s all I need to say…Wow!

No, actually, I need to say more.

I first saw these fountain pens on some website and I was a bit attracted to them. I looked for reviews and read nothing but good things about these pens. I found some YouTube videos and, yeah, the pens seemed great.

I went on eBay and ordered two of them with an F nib and an EF nib. I also ordered two spare nibs – a B and an M.

A few days later, I got the pens and couldn’t wait to ink them. Once I did, I felt a bit disappointed because the F nib felt a tad scratchy. I washed out the pen a few times, messed with the tines a little under a loupe, and yet the nib still wrote scratchy. The B nib was super smooth, but it skipped frequently.

After a couple of days of letting the ink soak into the feed and letting the nib get ‘used’ so that I can break it in, I was sick and tired of having one pen that was scratchy and another that skipped. I bought sandpaper and gently drew a couple of lines on it with my F nib. I also changed the ink from Parker Quink black in my B-nib pen to Noodler’s Ink American Eel Black.

Now the F nib writes like one of my smoother writer (though still far from the smoothest – that award goes to my Pilot Custom 823 M-nib pen), and my B nib doesn’t skip!

A week or two later, these pens have shown me how well they write and how much ink they store. They feel comfortable in my hand and yet they still feel sturdy. The nib is shaped wide on the sides and narrow at the point. The body of the pen is thick, like my Pelikan M800 (though the nib is smaller). The filling mechanism is perfect. The ink flow is consistent and fairly wet. The smoothness of the pen on paper is what I wanted since Day One. Oh, and the aesthetic qualities of the pen make it worth every penny I had spent on them.

Now I am using the M nib instead of the B nib in one of my pens, but I love the F nib too much to replace it with the EF nib yet. I must say, these pens are excellent writers at this price, and they look and function much nicer than their price tag would suggest.

Overall, I give the TWSBI fountain pens a 4 out of 5 stars. Yes, there are smoother pens out there, but you’re paying hundreds of dollars more  for those. And yes, there are some other pens that may seem more aesthetically pleasing, but either they’re cheap and of poor quality or you’re paying too much for it. The TWSBI 540 Diamond fountain pen makes for a great daily writer, a pen for strictly signatures and short memos, for long writing sessions, and for just about any user from the CEO of a major corporation to the grade-school student wanting to use a nicer pen than the common BIC economy ballpoint pens.