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Sunday Series Vol. 7

Happy Sunday all! I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. I am writing this blog post a little later than usual but it’s been a lovely relaxing day reading and just popping to my sisters for the afternoon which was wonderful – Always love seeing her.

As it is a little late, lets just jump right into this weeks Sunday Series…

  1. The Everygirl Office Tour – This is pretty random but I love offices, especially super chic ones and theres nothing I love more than having a nosey peak into someone else office space. Trust me, this one will make you swoon!
  2. Five Years From Now by Paige Toon – I LOVED this book – So much so that I read it within a week. If you love a good love story that will take you back to being a teenager but then through to your 40s too (you’ll understand when you read it), then this book is for you.
  3. Elanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – Again, another book that I read within a week – I’m just really into reading again at the moment. Finding it so relaxing! Again this is a love story but it really captures being 16 and finding your first love. A really beautiful read full of hope and love, I’d highly recommend.
  4. MANGO – As you have seen from lots of my previous posts I am OBSESSED with MANGO at the moment. Their summer range has been absolutely beautiful and I am excited to see what they bring for the next season…
  5. Seeing Family – This isn’t something I can link too but something I am really loving this summer, is spending quality time with my family. I mean I do this a lot anyway as we are a really close knit family but I’ve just been appreciating it more recently. Especially when I get to see my sister who doesn’t live with us anymore – I always miss her so much. And my brother who lives up the country, it’s always so lovely when we all get together. Sorry, thats a little mushy, but its true and I wanted to include it!
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