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Aching muscles or not I still managed to build my handbag storage yesterday.  After struggling with extremely heavy pieces of laminated wood, I realised the instructions kept showing two, not one, people at the top of the page.  I now, in hindsight, think this meant that it should have been a two person job.  Oh well, I did it on my own, not bad for a weak and aching 56-year-old woman, but I will not be beaten.

Steve in his wisdom likes to measure in old money, you know, inches instead of centimetres.  That is all well and good apart from his 29 inches was in reality 74cm, which is 29 and 2/16th of an inch.  Which is actually 3mm out, so my lovely new handbag storage does not fit in the gap it was built for.

Even though it is heavy, I am not, as I said earlier, one to be beaten, so I got up this morning and decided that I would move it into our bedroom and move the largest mirror in the world (feels like it when you move it) so it would fit.  We will be moving the bedroom around again when we decorate and the mirror will be going onto the wall at that point so everything will fit fine, I think.  At the moment it all looks a bit cluttered.

The problem is that both of us have far too many clothes, shoes and handbags.  Of course Steve does not have handbags, so we need lots of storage.  He has a whole bedroom for his dressing room, which is where the grandsons or visitors sleep when they are here, as it is one of our spare rooms.  The other spare room is at the moment again storage, and where our Granddaughter Megan sleeps when she is here.  One day I will take it over and have a study and put my cookery books in there.

Our bedroom is where I keep my clothes, so we have two triple wardrobes, a huge dressing table and  two bedside tables.  Now, there is also my handbag storage and a stand up mirror.  I think the mirror needs detaching from its stand and mounting onto the wall to save floor space.

Now that is all done I need to decide what to do today.  I have a few options:

  • I could go to Kingston park as I have lost the tools for my small handheld Dyson
  • I could go to the Metro and have a wander around the clothes shops
  • I could go to Eldon Square and also wander around the clothes shops

The trouble is all these options will cost me and not having received the money for my house yet I cannot really afford to go on a spending spree.  I also bought my daughter her birthday presents this week, which were of course not cheap.  All this considered I do not really know the area very well yet so don’t know where I could walk to and it’s raining. If I had a dog I would just go for a walk and investigate the area, but I feel I might look a bit daft wandering around in the rain on my own.

I feel a bit like “Billy no mates”, it’s quite hard to make new friends when I have nowhere to go.  I can’t even pop into our local pub on my own, it’s not really what middle-aged women do.  I can’t join the gym yet because I will be going down to Kent again a week on Sunday.  I do know Steve’s cousins’ wives, but not so well that I could contact them and I don’t have a number for them.  The thing is everybody works or when they’re not working they have lives already, so it’s a bit hard to butt in.  Anyway, I’m ok on my own for now.  I have decided I will go to the metro, it doesn’t rain inside and parking is free.

My cluttered bedroom:



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