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Staying Stylish for Winter Weather on a Student’s Budget

Recently, when out and about, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of really stylish winter clothing available in the shops. These clothes are not expensive, relatively speaking; especially for Swedish prices. Sometimes, especially for the Winter weather, it can also be hard to find fashionable clothing when you have to ‘become an onion’ and wear lots of layers! Also, when you have to wear chunky knit jumpers for minus temperatures, these can also be quite stereotypically ‘boring’. But alas! No! Not so any longer! That’s why I decided to write a post about this- I was really inspired by the stock the shops had and currently have! I’ll mention some shops and what they have which is practical, stylish, and saves your pocket!

Cubus is a great shop! Their prices are very decent for Swedish prices and the quality seems so far quite good! They have very comfy pyjamas, with really cute designs for a home study day or chillax afternoon. They also sell some really nice jumpers right now- great for this time of year! I bought two jumpers there recently, as well as two sets of pyjamas; some really cute fox ones and then some Christmas pyjamas, because I really love Christmas and couldn’t resist them!


I am wearing one of the jumpers on my DU blogger photo

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