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This is a story about a girl that was naughty… (sung to the tune of “Lucky” by Britney Spears)

There once was a naughty little flight attendant, but instead of getting coal for Christmas, she got Mac makeup.

This naughty little flight attendant had too much champagne at a crappy hotel bar. She got very drunk and flashed her tits to a pilot. Her mischief didn’t stop there. She threw up on the pilot’s hotel room floor. She was very hung over the next day and she had to drive home with a garbage bag in her lap. This naughty little flight attendant made an illegal right turn and right after saw blue and red flashing lights behind her. She was thankful to be let off with a warning because her face was as green as a Christmas wreath, and her garbage bag was as full of throw up as Santa’s sack of presents.

A month later the naughty little flight attendant ran into the pilot at the airport. She asked him to buy her lunch. He had to take a smoke break so he handed his credit card to her and left. The naughty little flight attendant and her naughty little friend took off running like two reindeer. They bought blush at MAC where they requested it on the same bill but separate bags. Then they raced to the coffee stand where they ordered the two biggest slices of chocolate cake there was, at $10 a piece, and two tall cups of coffee. They texted the pilot to meet them in front of gate 2B, where the naughty little flight attendants would be waiting to give his card back. He said he is on his way. Shortly. The naughty little flight attendants squeezed one more purchase in before the unsuspecting pilot comes back. They see some sunglasses and they want them. Once again, they request the same bill with separate bags. They quickly pay and stuff their makeup, cake, and sunglasses in every pocket and pouch on their person. The pilot meets them and retrieves his card. He didn’t suspect a thing. These naughty little flight attendants got away with mischief this holiday season and instead of coal, they got MAC makeup and chocolate cake. The naughty little flight attendant was resolute in her mischief. After all, a peek at her unwrapped presents was worth $100 of terminal treats.

The end.

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