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Perfect Gifts for the Designer In Your Life

Hey guys! Lets be real…Christmas shopping can suck sometimes. All of the lists and trips to the store to end up buying yet another pair of socks for you know who. It can get overwhelming, and if you have a designer or artist in your life, sometimes the default gift will be a sketch book. (Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving sketch books as gifts!) But sometimes its good to switch things up. Keep in mind each gift will differ based on the persons style and preference. None of these items are being officially advertised or sponsored, it is my personal opinion.

Here is my list of gifts for that designer or artist or possibly anyone in your life who would enjoy the following:

Wacom or Drawing Tablet


So I started with possibly the most expensive item, :P Last summer I purchased myself a Wacom tablet because I wanted to challenge how I created digital pieces. I also noticed designers are using more and more tablets at work… so it was time to keep up. A Wacom typically comes with 1 tablet and 1 drawing pen and is easy to use paired with the adobe software’s (Photoshop, Illustrator…) It is great for hand lettering, painting or sketching on your  laptop, or to use in place of your mouse. You can find the Wacom Intuos Draw on the walmart website or amazon starting at $70.00!

Coffee/Espresso Maker


Most of us desginers like coffee…and if your person loves it too then you can never go wrong with coffee gifts. A similar coffee/espresso maker like this one can be found here!

Coffee Mug


You know, for coffee!

A Set of Cool Coasters


I think these are great gifts for any kind of fan lover out there! They can be used as coasters or placed for memorabilia.

Cooler for Beer


These can be found @

Pencil Cases

I still lose some of my materials, trust me…a pencil case/desk materials would make us happy. Blue Q has some quirky designed pencil cases, you can take a look here!

Pop Charts


Pop Charts are bits of information placed into one poster to inform the viewer of that topic. You can find the above poster and more genres here. I might consider buying myself the typography one soon!



Back packs from urban outfitters, Target, or Box Lunch are great spots for a cool backpack. It’s important to know the style your person is into (simple, cartoon, comic, Disney…etc)

Silly Socks


Socks have become such a big ‘accessory’. It allows us to wear silly patterns we normally wouldn’t wear anywhere else and express our personality. Blue Q has these in stock along with other patterns here!

Stranger things Tee/ Graphic Tees


Graphic Tee’s are another easy gift to give to artists/designers. We are really simple and if you know our favorite shows or movies then its a great start to find merchandise for us. These and other graphic tees can be found here.



These gifts can fit any persons lifestyle, not just designers or artists. But I know If I had to choose any items, it would be any or all of the above :)

Happy Shopping!




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