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Door 16: Writing Cards and posting them

I hate the Post Office and always feel anxious when I have a pile of returns to send back – even if Nathan, who runs it, is perfectly charming. That said, once I’ve actually got off my arse and been, I feel great. I feel the same way about writing cards.

I am very bad about organising myself in time for Christmas and usually only send a card to my immediate family and the people who send them to me. But there’s something really satisfying about coming home with a pile of cards and stamps, and sitting down to write them in your very best handwriting. Yesterday I did this with a cup of tea, mince pie and the 2006 remake of Black Christmas.

The cards look perfect but the viewing choice most definitely was not. If you’re looking for iconic Christmas horror, I would recommend sticking to the original and best. Also, go me on the card printing/posting front.


The film was whack, but the house was not

Not my picture but look, it twinkles!

Door 17: The North Laines at Christmas

No matter how much I truly despise being in town during the Christmas rush, I can never be mad at the North Laines. It’s magical, truly. At even the most mundane of times I feel like the Laines are part of the reason I love living in Brighton so much – there’s just something about them.

I fear my Instagram feed hasn’t been looking or feeling Christmassy enough, so I’m going to try and go and look at some festive things over the next week. It shouldn’t be too hard to get into the spirit, right?

A few of my dodgy snaps

How are your festive good times going?

Here is my second contribution to Alex’s repository and this time I’m focusing on the fabric and haberdasheries in South Gloucestershire, AKA South Glos. As South Glos is a county, it’s quite big and none of the shops I’m going to cover in this post are within walking distance of each other but they are accessible by car or bus. You can catch most buses from Bristol City Centre that lead outwards to South Glos. Both Google and the First Bus app are rather helpful at telling you which buses go to which stops so in this post, I will include the bus stops so you can do some research when you’re planning your shopping trip.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

First up, we’re going to Westbury on Trym (WoT), to Sew N Sew. I often buy my overlocker thread from here as they sell both Moon thread and Gutermann thread – the good stuff! I talked about their sister branch in the first instalment and I can now tell you that the minimum charge on their card machine is £5 and they don’t have a contactless card reader at the moment.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

Back to WoT, parking is street parking or there is a Pay & Display car park on Westbury Ct Road. If you’re travelling by bus, you want to get on one that stops at Westbury Village as that bus stop is right outside the shop. This branch is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

A short drive away, into Cribbs Causeway is The Mall where you’ll find John Lewis. There is loads of parking at Cribbs Causeway and they have their own bus station right outside, to one side of John Lewis. I have no idea why but John Lewis have different opening times to the rest of The Mall. Monday to Friday they’re open from 10am to 8pm (The Mall closes at 9pm), Saturday John Lewis is open 9am to 7pm (The Mall is open until 8pm), and Sunday they’re open 11am to 5pm. When you get to John Lewis, you want to go right up to the very top floor for the haberdashery, it’s opposite the café and you can’t really miss it especially when they dress their mannequins so beautifully.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

This is another shop I go to regularly and this is where I bought the Breton stripe stretch polyester that I made a Bettine dress out of. This shop is incredibly convenient for me; how many times have you run out of thread or broken your last needle at 7:30pm and couldn’t go and get any more? Well John Lewis has saved me more times than I can count in those moments. Also, across the road is Hobbycraft – just saying, he he!

Fabric Shops in South Glos

Heading further east to Downend now, to a shop called Fabrics Plus. They’re like a scaled down, independent version of John Lewis really, I say that because the stock they sell and the price tag are similar. They have lots of knitting wool, thread, patterns but a larger offering of fabric than John Lewis.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

Parking is on the high street if you can find a space; I tend to park on a nearby residential street and walk round; I mostly buy thread and zips here if I can’t find what I want elsewhere. If you’re catching the bus, you want to get off at The Horseshoe bus stop which is right outside the shop. They’re opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5pm.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

In the quaint village of Chipping Sodbury, a new shop opened in the last year called Koala Kreations. To be perfectly honest, this was the first time I’d ever been here, yet the store has been open for a few months (at least). It’s not an easy place to find, especially if you don’t really know the area and I’m not an expert on Chipping Sodbury. So the main entrance to Hatheralls Yard is between the Coffee #1 café and the Lloyds Pharmacy; you walk straight down there and Koala Kreations is right in front of you. There is another entrance to the yard from the Waitrose car park, this brings you round the back of the fabric shop. The shop itself is quite small but it is packed with gorgeous fabrics.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

I bought some cat print sweat shirting and some flamingo jersey (yes more flamingos!) as well as some fine machine needles whilst I was there. There is plenty of parking out in the High Street and the opening times are Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5pm. The bus stop outside is called The Clock. Although this was my first visit, I’m sure I’ll go back as I was impressed with the selection of fabrics and the staff were really nice.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

Lastly, we’re going further south to The Nylon Shop who are based in Soundwell. This was another first visit for me and wow! It’s a large shop and the amount of fabric in there is amazing – every nook and cranny was stuffed with fabric – heaven! The only reason I didn’t buy anything was for fear of maxing out my credit card. But now I know more about this shop, I will go there with a strict budget in future.

Fabric Shops in South Glos

Parking is on street again, I did have to drive around a bit before I found a space. Opening times are Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5pm and 9:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday. The nearest bus stop is the Two Mile Court bus stop just a couple of minutes’ walk away.

I hope you found this post helpful. In the New Year, I will do some more posts on the arts and craft shops that I know of around Bristol and South Glos too. Do let me know if there is anything else you want me to cover.

More shopping guides from around the world can be found on Alex’s blog here.

Fabric Shopping on Tour Contributor

Disclaimer: I checked the shops’ details with the staff or with a Google search and I checked the bus stop details with First Bus to ensure I gave you the most accurate information possible at the time of posting. However, these details may be subject to change at any time, at the companies’ discretion.


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