Shopping in the net

There are many things that I definitely do not miss about high school, but the one thing that tops all is the dress code we had. I remember going back to school shopping and thinking that there was nothing trendy or affordable that would also meet the requirements of the dress code. I also did not understand why the dress code was there in the first place. It didn’t just end with the clothes you wore on your back, but the color you dyed your hair or the tattoos that you had. Honestly, whenever the topic of the dress code was brought up, I would roll my eyes back and ask myself why it mattered to people if they were “distracted.” Okay, you might be distracted on so and so’s purple hair, or someone elses tattoo sleeve, or short shorts, but then you get over it.

I bring up the dress code because I saw many high school students and under, with lots of shopping bags and wonder if they are feeling the same way I felt which was how much of a hassle it was to abide by the dress code because of a lame excuse such as “distractions.” You can totally disagree with me on my viewpoint of the dress code and that is totally okay, but I am just super glad that there is no dress code in college.

I no longer have the pressure of avoiding falling in love with something, but then remembering that I can’t even wear it to school. Now-a-days I don’t even go back to school shopping because anything in my closet will work fine for the classroom.

Other than hating the dress code, I would honestly get super distracted by other cute things I saw while back-to-school shopping. I am a sucker for skirts and purses. I think I buy these things way more than I really buy anything else. Although, shoes are a close second. I don’t know what it is about skirts and purses, I can just never, ever, ever have enough.

I am running out of bottom hangers due to the amount of skirts I have and running out of shelf space due to the amount of purses I have. My closet is getting full and I am seriously considering another closet clean out soon.



Like I said, I have always been a distracted shopper whether it is because I found myself looking for things that would not abide by the school dress code or shopping for purses and skirts even though I told myself that I already have plenty. Believe it or not, my least favorite thing to shop for is tops!

Have you experienced distracted shopping before?

What are your favorite things to shop for?

What are your least favorite things to shop for?

Do your best to get back on track and stay stylish.


on repeat

I had tons of yard work and a long run Saturday morning/afternoon, so I was only dressed for about 3 or 4 hours to meet friends for an early dinner.


Dress: Elizabeth Suzann, Sandals: Givenchy

Since it was barely worn on Saturday, I recycled the outfit on Sunday.  After sleeping late and switching to lounge clothes early in the evening – I spent only a total of 10 or 12 hours in the dress this weekend.  Even less time in the shoes, since Sunday was my pedicure day.


I love these sandals.  Last year I had an opportunity to buy a 2nd pair, in black, for half off.  I declined, tying to avoid duplicates in my shoe collection.  It was a mistake.

I could wear it again tomorrow, and that would be just fine.  But in honor of the solar eclipse (my house is just on the southern edge of the Path of Totality!), I’ll probably wear all black.

Yes, I said it! Go spend a little money and treat yourself, Connecticut. It is officially tax free week which starts today into Saturday. Clothes and shoes under $100 are exempt from the 6.35 sales tax that we normally pay. And of course, it’s perfect timing for back to school!

Did I go shopping myself? I did, I did! I don’t think I’m done for the week either. I do plan on buying shoes and maybe some underwear. But today, I stuck to what I needed. Wanted, as well but mostly needed.


I went into two stores total, but that’s only because that’s all I had time for. My first stop was in Sephora for my favorite foundation. I use their 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation in the medium almond shade, and it’s only $20! And thanks to Beauty Insider reward points, I got a free Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in their Let’s Go Crazy shade which is a vivid pink. Who doesn’t love free things? My last, but certainly not least, stop was American Eagle. Since I am starting my new job, I simply wanted work-appropriate clothing. No holes, rips, nothing too show-y. Which is why I got khaki jeggings and two short sleeve shirts. The tank top was cute, so I had to! All tops were on sale for 60% off.

Most stores were having big sales! And since it is tax free week, why not get more for your money? The only negative part about this shopping trip was the fact that American Eagle does not have a student discount. Lame! Parents, students, all of my readers, honestly… go shopping by Saturday if you’re in Connecticut! I did not leave the mall unhappy and I don’t think you will either. It’s perfect timing along with the perfect prices.