Shopping in the net

March 3, 2019

A nice lazy Sunday and so far all is well. The weather is nice and I feel pity for those folks back East who are still suffering from the winter cold.

Yesterday evening I had a note slipped under my door. It seems that whichever delivery service was responsible for delivering an order from Amazon, did not do it well. The delivery service left the package at my door and someone stole it. They opened it and discovered that it was just printer ink and so threw it in the bushes. Another resident of my apartment complex saw it and rescued it. She is the one who slipped the note under my door. I got my package and met a new neighbor. Why the delivery service did not leave the package with the complex manager, I do not know but I almost lost that package as a result. I think it was UPS that did this and I will inform them if I find out that it was indeed UPS. I do not know the individual who stole the package, the neighbor saw the person but did not know them.

I have to do a major grocery shopping trip tomorrow. I find that my appetite is shrinking, which is a good thing, and so spending a specific amount of money on groceries should last longer and save me money in the end. Plus, I should drop some of the excess weight I need to get rid of. And, maybe my diabetes will go away. Or at least, be manageable with less medication than I am taking now. I can dream.

With the warmer weather I think I will start riding my bicycle more often, the exercise will do me good and help with my weight. I will need to get some padding for the handlebar grips or maybe padded gloves but otherwise, I am good to go for the exercise. I may get a fanny pack for small shopping trips or maybe another backpack. I intend to get baskets for the rear wheel but until then, a backpack or fanny pack. If I am going to do a major shopping trip, I won’t use the bicycle but I’ll use the bus instead.