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Lemon Squeezy

Fruitshop 003These lemons were gracing the shop counter at our local fruit juice store.  I took a quick snap while waiting for my juice.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is a popular beverage in this country.    It is slowly being squeezed out by the cheaper, easier to obtain, though much less healthy soda drinks like Coca Cola.

In the beverage stakes Lemon Mint would be considered a Saudi stable.  Closely followed by orange juice.

Fruit juice shops used to be everywhere in Riyadh.  These days they, like all the smaller side street shops, must compete with the larger supermarkets and malls.

The competition is hurting the little guy.  It pains me to say this, but I think the little guys are starting to cheat a little.  Hardly surprising when their margins are so small and for some this business is their only means of ekeing out a living.

My taste buds are starting to pick up things like added sugar or syrup and water instead of real fruit juice.

When the juice extracting machine is moved from the front of the store to a back room where it can’t be seen, one does start to wonder why.

Is this the price of progress?

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