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How to save money when shopping online: Fashion edition

Throughout the years we have witnessed the growth of online retailing. Consumers can now turn to the internet for their fashion choices with a easy website that allows them to just click, buy and collect. Online shopping for millennials means looking for the best affordable prices of clothing. If you have other financial responsibilities such as being a student could include paying for travel, bills and rent, However this post is a money saving guide to millennials who planning to have budget when comes to spending money on fashion.

The first key question everyone should ask themselves is- do I really need this item of clothing just because it is on sale? Offers can be tempting and many online retailers use tactics in making shoppers spend more than they need to. Us consumers can get carried away with spending money just because the item is discounted so stopping and thinking about whether you really need “25% off shirts” is worth it can help boost your finance.


The second important tip is looking for discounts. Especially if you are a student. Flashing your unidays iD at every online shopping occasion can open you up to 20% or more off items of clothing that you want. This percentage off items disallows you from paying a full price – hence saving extra coins which is important.


The third useful tip is swapping your old items of clothing for cash. If you know that you will not be needing items of clothing then you can sell your unwanted clothing for money. This way you can spend money on fashion items that you need so you can always stay on top of the fashion game whilst selling unwanted items to help your budget.

swap.pngThe fourth tip is signing up to your favourite brands newsletters to get the latest fashion trends and sales first class. Now we all hate junk mail right? But in some occasions in can be useful so creating an email specifically for online shopping if you are a shopaholic. By subscribing to online retailers you get first hand experience- meaning you are always the first to know when there is a sale or clothing that you may like judging by your order history. Online retailers love to put sales on during the week so this leads to a good related tip which is shopping midweek is better than shopping on the weekends. Midweek sales are more affordable and available compared to weekend sales where most consumers mostly shop.






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Written by Asiyo Ali.





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