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You will find gadgets and gizmos most anywhere. They are so engrossed in the fabrics of our lives that I do believe if we were asked to do without them it would cause us great mental turmoil.


How did the writer write, without the aid of a word processing program? Could I as a writer live without Spell Check? When was the last time I wrote something with pencil and paper in hand?


Tell me how did our parents survive without the internet and Social Media? Oh, the pains that they must have suffered without a cell phone. It was a wonder that children in my day survived with just toys, and not a tablet to entertain us.



Even the earliest civilizations had their favorite gadgets and gizmos. I wonder how a man got along without the modern day tools? How did they ever progress without them?


My thought is this, what is going to happen to our world if the technology we rely heavily on for our daily living were to vanish? How many of us could survive without it?

In Your Opinion: Is technology a blessing, or a curse to man’s future?

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