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Four Quick Tips To Help You Save Money On Internet Marketing Products

How many times per day do you get pitched by Internet Marketers about the latest and greatest software or make money online method?

Well, whether you’ve bought one or two or fifty IM products there’s a very good chance that you see a TON OF THEM every day!!

Here are four quick tips to help you save money on your Internet Marketing purchases…

Tip One: Unsubscribe, Unfriend & Unfollow Are Your Friends

Marketing emails and posts are geared to get you to do one thing…click the link!

The hope is that you’ll be so enamored by the slick sales pages, convincing reviews or huge bonus packages that you’ll pull out your credit card or sign in to your PayPal account and make a purchase (hopefully multiple purchases).

My number one tip and the best advise I can give you is to cut off the temptation at the first point of attack by unsubscribing, unfriending and unfollowing as many Internet Marketers as you can.

Only stay connected to marketers that you trust and that don’t promote crap products to you.

Tip Two: Check Your Wallet

Now this may seem obvious but believe me…it’s not!

Ask yourself…”Self, do I have the money to pay for this?”

If the answer is NO…do not get a new credit card or borrow from your parents or steal it from your significant other.

Simply move on and go make some money!

Tip Three: Assess Your Business Needs

At this point, if you’ve followed tips 1 & 2 then your looking at an offer from a trusted marketer and you have the money to consider a purchase.

But, before you waste any time researching the product make sure that it CLEARLY ALIGNS with your business goals.

Ask yourself…

  1. Will this product/training save me significant time or money?
  2. Can I turn this product/training into a profitable income stream?

Be honest with yourself…some of us are pros at convincing ourselves we’re going to do something and then we do nothing (I know, the truth hurts…it’s OK…learn from it and move forward.)

Tip Four: Research The Product

OK, at this point you’re looking at an offer from a trusted marketer, you have the money to invest and the product aligns with your business goals…

Now it’s time to investigate further…

First, Google the product name + jv to find the JV page. On this page you’ll be able to learn more about the product, see the entire sales funnel, decipher what’s incentivizing the affiliates and learn about price rises, coupons and more.

It’s a great way to see inside of the product launch and know what to expect from upsells (and whether those countdown timers are giving you false scarcity or not).

Secondly, head over to YouTube and search for product name + review.

Now many of these review videos are crap. They are simply the sales video or demo video uploaded to YouTube and give you no insight into the product.

In most cases, videos that are 5-7 minutes or longer contain the info you want. (Honestly, as hard as I try, I am rarely able to do a quality product review that’s less than 10 minutes.)

Watch the video (use the speed control if you’re in a hurry) and decide which marketer you want to buy through based on the quality of review (and bonuses if you like).

Lastly, once you’re on the product sales page do your best to read it all the way through and take note of…

  1. What you get – features if software, lessons if training, bundled items if PLR.
  2. The Guarantee – how many days do you have to try the product before you’re stuck with it AND what are the terms for getting a refund? No questions asked? Proof that you tried the method and it didn’t work? It matters!

Bonus Tip: Buy A Bundle

My last tip for you is to watch for bundle deals because you can save a ton of money by buying a bundle of IM products.

In fact, one such bundle will be released around the Black Friday time frame and it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

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I hope these 4 tips 5 tips help you save money on your Internet Marketing purchases and I wish you the best with your business!

What tips do you have for others? Leave them in the comments below…

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