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Don’t Choose These Flowers for Gifting on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are the best way to convey our heartfelt feelings to someone through a gift. They are a classic but evergreen trend which is being gifted since the ancient times to improve relationship and understanding of a couple.

But, you also need to understand the fact that all the flowers do not communicate love and romance. Hence, don’t just look for beautiful and fresh flowers in Dubai also consider the meaning. Different blooms carry various message and giving the wrong bouquet can even destroy your love life.

So, below are some romance-killing blooms that you should strictly avoid on Valentine’s day.

Yellow Carnations

Though yellow carnations may seem pleasing to the eyes, yet they symbolize the feeling of hatred and rejections. Yellow carnations are an absolute bad choice for valentine’s day, while on the other hand, red, white, and pink variant would be a great option as they represent pure love and admiration.


Don’t get deceived by the beauty of these flowers. These pleasing blooms can be fatal for your relationship because they represent hatred. So, don’t ever choose these flowers for gifting on valentine’s day.


Petunia has a wonderful name and appearance but not a good meaning. These flowers could be perfect to express anger and resentment to anyone. However, let them in the garden when it comes to valentine’s day.

Yellow Chrysanthemums

Take the thought of giving yellow chrysanthemums out of your mind because if you really love your partner, then these blooms are not made for you. These beautiful blooms are associated with neglected love and sorrow which unfortunately are not the sentiments of valentine’s day. So, it’s better to leave these flowers in the florist shop.

Hence, stay away from these blooms to celebrate a memorable valentine’s day.

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