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current wishlist 2018

Hey guys! So today I’m going to be sharing my current wishlist for 2018. I will make an update at the end of the year for how many I ended up getting and if I do get any I will put them on my instagram story so look out for that! Also if you have any of these items and would like to leave me a mini review-type comment with some advice on whether they’re worth it then please do.

The first item on my wish list is a MacBook. I see so many people with MacBooks whether its at school, on social media, on the train or in a café, everyone seems to have one.  I currently don’t own a laptop and as I am progressing further and further into my education it would be useful to have one.

As a big apple fan, the MacBook seems the most logical choice to me.

I also love the sleek and minimal design of the MacBook. Also it’d really help me with my blogging as being able to blog anywhere and easily check my stats would be so helpful and I think it would encourage me to blog even more! Plus, the idea of snuggling up in bed and watching Netflix on my MacBook or writing seems very appealing to me! If you have any advice on MacBooks then let me know.


The next item on my wishlist is a Fitbit.

I just love tracking my steps and activity and the idea of being able to do it on a sleek little watch appeals to me!

A couple of my friends have the Fitbit Alta and love it so I’d probably go for that model. I don’t think I’d sleep with it on as although finding out sleep patterns is interesting, that’s a little invasive for me!

Next up is something I feel is really essential. Headphones. Believe it or not, I don’t own any headphones. I actually can’t wear any earphones or anything that goes inside your ear because of the problems I have with my ears. So I will have to get some over ear ones.

I love listening to music and sometimes it’s so nice to be in your own little bubble when listening to music or playing a game.

I really like the look of these rose gold headphones from amazon but they have mixed reviews so I’m not sure about them.

These headphones are foldable with Bluetooth which is what I’m looking for so if anyone has any advice on which headphones to get please let me know!

The next thing on my wishlist is a HP sprocket printer. I think the idea of this is so useful!

Being able to just print photos from your iPhone wherever and whenever you want instantly is amazing.

I would love to have one of these. Unfortunately, they are quite pricey!

The last thing on my wishlist is something I’m sure you are all familiar with. A fjällräven kånken backpack. I just love. These. Bags.

They are so stylish and they come in the perfect sizes for everyday life and cute little day trips out.

They look such good quality and they are also extremely aesthetic and look great on your Instagram feed! I’m not sure what colour I’d get but we’ll get to that if I save up enough for one!

I’m going to wrap it up here for this post! Believe me, I could go on forever here about my wishlist but I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you have any advice on whether or not I should purchase any of these items let me know! If you own any also let me know what you think in the comments. I may update this later in the year with new things and possibly letting you know if I get any of these items. Thanks for reading and you can find all my social media here.

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