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Comfy-Cute Clothing That’ll Get You Through Any Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving basically requires you to take food seriously. And it’s not just the grocery shopping, cooking, preparing or presenting. It’s the feasting. The devouring. The serious chowing down.

The kind of eating you do on Thanksgiving requires deep mental preparation and strategizing. It’s basically a competitive sport—and you want to dress for success.

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An ideal Thanksgiving outfit does a couple things. First, it keeps you cozy all day long. Aim for something equal parts comfy and cute—you want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day long without looking like you’re wearing pajamas all day long.

Second, it keeps you from encountering that seemingly inevitable moment when you have to unbutton your jeans because you’ve eaten so much incredible food.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: You’re probably going to end up with a food baby, and that food baby is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, that food baby should inspire a sense of pride and achievement—because it indicates that you took full advantage of the feast laid before you.

You just have to, you know, prepare for it. (Do you really want to face a Sophie’s Choice situation where your only options are enjoying a final scoop of decadent mashed potatoes or forgoing that delicious scoop to respect the high-waisted jeans you’ve donned? No, you don’t.)

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Ahead, you’ll find 23 items of clothing that will serve you and all your Thanksgiving feasting needs. These cozy Thanksgiving clothes are nice enough to wear to family get-togethers, snuggly enough to fill you with the holiday spirit and flowy enough to accommodate any food babies that may or may not appear.

Because the only thing on your mind this Thanksgiving should be how much delicious food you can possibly shovel into your mouth at a time (and how much you love your family, of course!!)—and your clothes shouldn’t get in the way of that.

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