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My brain and I are currently not on speaking terms. I managed to log off of Second Life at a semi-reasonable time last night, though I couldn’t manage to get to sleep for some time and I ended up getting roughly four and a half hours in when it was all said and done. Miracle drugs like caffeine aren’t quite cutting it, but I’m not longer convinced that I’m actually dead. Baby steps.

Normally when it comes to coming up with a title that ties the photo in with the writing, even if it’s an abstract way of doing it, I’d say I’m boxing clever. Today I’ve already lost the match.

I also play a mean game of Dixit, for the same reasons. If you aren’t familiar with that and you enjoy board games, check it out. It can be a lot of fun with the right mix of people.

Well. Since I’m not an entirely functional human being, or even on par with a parsnip of above average faculties, I’m going to stop rambling and leave you with the linky things of love.

The boots, jeans, and sweater are all made and sold by Epoch for Sad November. The Hurricane sweater comes in twelve different colors and each in two versions (one with an adorable emoji face and one plain). They fit the Freya, Hourglass, and Maitreya bodies and cost L$226 each, or L$669 for the fatpack. There are six different colors of the Hurricane Jeans and Boots, which fit the same list of bodies, at a cost of L$186 per pair, or L$556 for the fatpack. The event closes on December 2nd, so you have until then to get over there and grab your goodies from Epoch!

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