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Christmas stocking-stuffers for that Wanderer in your life

Stuck on what to buy your loved one for Christmas? Well, read on, because I’ve go some great gift ideas…travel-themed of course!

With less than 17 sleeps until Christmas, it is time to start shopping if you haven’t already. Take it from me; I work in retail!

*Side note: Most of these gifts come from Australia, but it is indicated which ones are available to purchase internationally.

For the first-time traveller…

scratchmap2018Scratch map: $39.99 from Australian Geographic. International travel-nuts from the UK, Europe and America can purchase it here. What better way to inspire a first-time traveller to travel the world than through a scratch map?


Travel Magazine Subscription: Some of my favourites are Travel + Leisure, Get Lost, International Traveller and Australian Traveller. 


For the well-travelled…

What do you get the traveller that has everything? Well, get them a gift card. Many plane companies and travel agents can issue gift cards for those hard to buy travellers. What’s perfect about a gift card is that the recipient can choose what they want to spend it on and where they would like to go next, without you breaking a sweat!

Some examples of good gift cards to give to a well-travelled tourist come from companies like Airbnb, Flight Centre, Contiki and Qantas to name a few. The list goes on, so you won’t be spoilt for choice.


Airplane Travel Kit: These travel kits are a great gift to give to an experienced traveller because it is practical and will be used by the recipient. After all, isn’t a traveller going to catch a plane at some point to their next destination. Some of my favourites include the Aria Travel Kit (which can be seen in the top left picture) and Pinch Provisions Travel Kit, which come with long-flight essentials including deodorant, stain remover and earphones. These items are both available to purchase internationally.


For the organised traveller…


Travel Gift Set: Organised travellers love nothing more than ensuring all of their travel documents are categorised and easy to find. Kmart Australia’s Travel Gift Set will do just that; for AUD$12, a notebook, passport cover, passport notebook, a pen and a luggage tag are included. Plus, they all match, which makes me incredibly happy! Check it out here.


Packing Cubes: Packing Cubes are like the bee’s knees for organised travellers – they keep everything compact and separated. They are also pretty inexpensive – in Australia, you can find them at Kmart or Big W. The one pictured is from Kmart, priced at AUD $9.


Travel Wallets: Travel wallets are a must have for all travellers, even disorganised ones! A smoother holiday is more likely with organised planning – and a travel wallet helps to keep you stress-free and in control. My favourite travel wallets come from Kikki K., and are AUD$70. Kikki K. have got a few international websites, including Great Britain and America – if you are an international reader, definitely check that out!


For the fashionista…


Beis Travel Line: Available online or at Nordstrom, Beis is the hottest travel collection out at the moment. With backpacks, weekender bags, cosmetic cases and passport holders, it is stylish and ready to suit any fashionista’s next trip.


Wireless Mini Photo Printer: Instant mini photo printers are the hot new accessory for any fashionista on-the-go. Lucky for you gift givers, there are plenty of companies that sell these. The HP Sproket and the Fijifilm Instax portable photo printers are the most well known and woth the expense; but, if you are on a budget, perhaps Kmart’s $49 KiiPix photo printer would be a good alternative.


For the gadget-lover…


Olloclip Lens: Every gadget-lover adores a product that makes travelling super-easy and stress-free. For all photography lovers, whether they be novices or experts, will adore Olloclip camera lens specially designed for iPhones! This is perfect for travellers who do not want to pack and travel with a heavy camera, who do not like using a camera (I’m guilty of this!) or who are more comfortable using their smartphone’s camera. Beware though – the prices are a bit expensive (they’re definitely out of my financial range!). This item is also available to purchase internationally.


Stow First Class Tech Case: I am absolutely obsessed with this Stow First Class Travel Tech Case!! I love the separate compartments thoughtfully designed to carry those pesky phone cables and headphones we all know get so easily tangled! This item is perfect for gadget-lovers who need to streamline all of their tech products into one easy to find organiser. The only problem is the price – it really is first-class priced at AUD $665! It looks like included in the price is monogramming, a USB and a powerbank, but it still out of my price range! For cheaper alternatives, check out my resources tab! This item is also available to purchase internationally.

For the creative traveller…

i was here

I Was Here: A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded by Kate Pocrass: I Was Here is a great gift idea for creative travellers like me who love to write and just… think. Let the mind wander. This journal features travel prompts to get the creative writing flowing and graphic pages for sketching, amongst other features. This item can be purchased internationally.


The Bucket List book by Kath Stathers: This book is a great way to get the travel inspo flowing, with ideas for travel journeys big or small across the globe. It also encourages the creative traveller to create their own itinerary and put their own spin on the trips featured inside.

So stop mindlessly cruising the aisles of Kmart (Kmart is actually really good in Australia international readers!) looking for THAT perfect Kris Kringle gift – pick any one of these gifts! The best part of this Kris Kringle Gift List is that they are versatile, easy to use gifts – I know I would be chuffed to receive any of these!

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of where I found these gifts, please check out the Resources portion of my blog, where I’ll be placing a stocker’s list.

*Disclaimer: all prices and stock availability are correct at the time of this post’s publication.

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