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Chocolate Italy

I  have always wanted to go to the annual chocolate festival in Perugia. Finally, this year I did just that. It was an interesting experience. The town itself is very cute and medieval…

…with a great view from the hilltop on which it is built.

The place was packed full of people! The chocolate was great, but the general experience a bit overwhelming for me and a couple of friends of mine.

To my surprise, a week later I learned that there would be another chocolate festival, but in my neighborhood here in Rome! Much smaller, featuring less known brands, but of course equally awesome, because there would be chocolate there! And there is, as well as chocolate-covered doughnuts…

… and freshly made (in front of you) Sicilian sweets.

If you look closely at this picture, you will notice sausages – and yes, they are made of chocolate! It is chocolate salami, one of the typical Italian sweets.


My favourite is chocolate with hazelnuts (another famous produce of Italy):

No wonder the place was very crowded!

I wish they would organize such markets more often!