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  • Everything that is written in this blog is of my own opinion and not of H Samuels or Chamilia. 
  • If you have any problems regarding products from H Samuels please visit a local store or go onto the website here where you can find contact details for customer services. As much as I love my job, I don’t really fancy taking customer inquiries on my blog or on my days off! 
  • I am not sponsored by Chamilia or H Samuels. 

Coorrr got to love a disclaimer! 

Here is a more positive blog this week. My blog last week has revealed some information to me which I won’t be sharing with you because its not the right time. I may eventually share on here but for now I am carrying on with life, my blog has taught me alot already (its only post 3 I know) that opening up not only helps you but it also helps other people and its important to look after yourself! Self care is important so please take time to take care of yourself.

For those of you who don’t know, I work in a H Samuels store in Norwich, I am a sale associate as well as Chamilia Ambassador for that store, I have been there almost two years and I have been Chamilia Ambassador for just over a year. I am very proud of myself for being in charge of something which I am 100% passionate about. Chamilia is similar to Pandora and they were the first to get hold of the Rights to Disney to produce Disney charms. I absolutely love Chamilia because it is so much more fun than Pandora, I used to own a Pandora bracelet but found its too expensive to buy where as Chamilia is always on with some kind of offer. I am loving the collections we have in store at the moment. I really do care for all of my Chamilia customers and I try my very best to build up some kind of relationship with them so they can return and we can talk Chamilia and Disney. I am also a massive fan of Disney, if there is anything you want to know about Disney then I am your girl!! In this Blog I am going to talk through my current Chamilia Products and my recently new purchase which I bought today!

To start with here is my Chamilia Bracelet!


Now as you can see it is very quirky which I think describes my personality, there is one Pandora charm which I have on this bracelet (I will let you guess which one). My bracelet tells a story about me. The Halloween ones represent the time of year that I was born, 27th October 1994. I love Halloween, its my favorite time of the year and I am always so excited for the Chamilia Halloween sets every year. This year it was BOO!, Cat in a witches hat and the green monster. I also bought the ghost before the set because he was too cute not to have! My niece named him Robert (dont ask why!).  There are two charms which were earned through the Ambassador Role which were the Mrs Clause and the “You’re a Star” (next to the heart and the cat). Personally I wouldn’t have bought them for myself but it was good to earn them! Sand bucket, Bee and the Honeycomb, Lady Bug, Butterfly kisses and the Pearl remind me of where I live and the Bungalow at Hunstanton. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, I could not have had better charms which represented that! Plus as much as I love Halloween I also love and live for the Summer. The Disney ones, the Tiara and “Once Upon a Time” Banner.. I am sure you can guess.. They represent my love for Fairy tales, true love and of course.. Disney! I have treated myself to all of the charms you see, no one has ever bought me a charm as much as I would love them to but I know that this is my personal story. There will be other opportunities for others to buy me charms, I am sure of it!

Next we are moving onto my “Best Friends” Necklace

Collage 2018-05-31 21_58_58

I have had this necklace for only a few months and as you can see I only own half of it, the other half I sent to my best friend Sophie who was at Uni at the time. Its a beautiful necklace, you can get a mother and daughter version as well which has pink swarovski crystals instead of blue. The necklace itself is adjustable so you can wear it shorter as well as long. I believe I keep mine at the 18 inch. I was worried about losing the crystals out of the necklace but because I take care of my jewellery and take it off every night, they have stayed in place!  I wear this everyday although I did misplace it and felt really lost without it.

Lets move onto my new purchases, starting with the Bangle


I am not going to lie, my bracelet is slightly too big for me in all honesty but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it. As you can see from the bracelet picture, that I have almost no room for any other charms so I decided today to start a new bracelet and get something different which is the bangle! This fits me perfectly and I cannot wait to get this filled up with charms! I may limit to how many charms I want on the bangle but will play around with it and see how it goes! I love to stack my jewellery hence why I am not overly fussed that my bracelet is slightly too big because currently I wear it on the same wrist as my watch. I love the swarovski crystals on the clasp, it adds just a hint of class and elegance! My bangle is a Medium but it does come in Small and Large.

Next is the “Part of Your World” charm from the “Little Mermaid” Collection which came out in April

Collage 2018-05-31 21_58_08

I fell in love with this charm from the moment I saw it! I love Disney Princesses and I am really hoping for new Disney Princesses collections in the future from Chamilia. This charm is really elegant and stunning with the green enamel and the gold. It reminds me of a mirror. I cannot wait to wear this and show it off. I haven’t got alot to say about it as its really truly stunning!

Next is the Swarovski crystal heart


This beauty came into store last year and I just fell in love with it and I just knew I had to have it. I don’t have any themes or main colours on my bracelet but I know that the colours on this charm are my favorites. Its just a lovely subtle charm. I am worried about losing the crystals but some crystals can withstand being worn everyday and some can’t but I don’t really let that bother me. As I said, I wear my jewellery pretty much everyday and it has wear and tear on my charms and bracelet. Personally you cannot expect it to stay in the same condition once it has been worn.

And Finally my favourite piece from what I have bought today.. The Tinkerbell Necklace


Now because I was/am worried about anything happening to this necklace, I covered it with the H Samuels Accidental Cover. I took 5 years out (£20) so I know now that if anything happens to it, I am covered. As you can see its perfectly detailed with 3 swarovski crystals and Tinkerbell is in a beautiful flight position. There are a couple of Jump rings where you can either have it at a 16 inch or 18 inch. This also has matching earrings to go with it but decided against it as I am more likely to lose earrings rather than a necklace. I cannot wait to wear this out and about!

Best ways to take care of your Chamilia Jewellery 

  • Do not wear for swimming or hot tubbing
  • Do not dip in Silver Jewellery Cleaner
  • Take it off each night before bed
  • Try and not bash it about too much
  • Keep it away from other metals

Any other problems please go to the Chamilia website

This concludes this weeks blog! My Chamilia collection is fairly small at the moment but I am sure it will grow in time. I hope you have a fantastic week and please do comment on your favourite pieces and what you want to see from Chamilia. I would love to see a Jungle Book collection which would HOPEFULLY include Bagheera. I struggle to find Bagheera merch (my cat is called Bagheera for those who don’t know). I would also like to see more Disney Princess Collections. I will keep you updated on anything Chamilia related in the future so keep an eye out on my blog!

Enjoy your week, I have a week off from Saturday after work wahoo!

Be yourself, dream on and have courage and be kind x



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