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Business casual? Chic finds on a budget

I graduated from college this past June, and I’m starting law school this year. Among other things, this life transition has meant that I need to finally figure out what “business casual” means. Lucky for me, I thought about this ahead of time to avoid running to the mall frantically in search of one (or two, if I’m lucky) outfits I don’t even fully like.

A fashion rule I’ve always believed in is when you like something, buy it because you never know when you’re gonna need it later. Another one is rather than buy cheap quality clothes, buy expensive clothes, but on sale.

I found a lot of great finds online from Express, all of which were on sale for about 1/3 of the price.

I’m going to post the looks I wore to orientation later, but I wanted to give you guys the  links to all the items that I bought and ended up keeping (that are still available) before they sell out.

Mid Rise Linen-Blend Columnist Ankle Pant in misty lilac – $29.99

Two Pocket Zip Front Long Sleeve Shirt – $23.99

Mid Rise Scalloped Ankle Pant – $29.99

Mid Rise White Pinstripe Columnist Ankle Pant – $29.99

Striped Ruffle Cotton Tank – $17.99

High Waisted Textured Seamed Pencil Skirt – $23.99

Mid Rise Cropped Barely Boot Columnist Pant in navy – $23.99 

Puff Shoulder Blazer – $54.59

Elbow Sleeve Ribbed Pullover Sweater in misty lilac – $17.99

Slim Fit Notched Lapel Shirt – $17.99

Contrast trim blouse (from MANGO) in aqua green – $19.99 — I bought a few other items from MANGO but ended up returning them all because their quality wasn’t as good. This shirt is decent but it does run small (as do all their other clothes). For reference, I wear a size 4.

Happy shopping!



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