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Add Tortoise & Leopard Print to your Closet

My favorite trend for this fall is incorporating tortoise and leopard print into an outfit. It is so simple to add these pieces into your wardrobe. It can be the smallest accessory like earrings or a larger piece like a bag or a jacket. In my search for the perfect pieces, I have purchased a few myself and added a few to my wishlist. These two prints are about to become staples of your wardrobe!


J. Crew Leopard Print Tote

I love leopard print! You can wear it in so many ways. I purchased a leopard print tote from J. Crew and I love it, not to mention it is only $8. It fits a lot of things and accessorizes your outfit. There are pictures of me using the bag below. Because leopard print is so popular this season, there are so many ways to wear it. There are coats, flats, slip-on sneakers, boots, skirts, shirts, and so many more styles to choose from. Be sure to check out all my links at the end of this post for my picks.

Now on to tortoise! I have been wearing tortoise print sunglasses for years, and now I have found another way to add it into my outfits. I recently purchased the J. Crew Tortoise Hoop Earrings  for $19.50. I am wearing them in the picture below. They are large hoops, but they are very light. I think they are a great way to accessorize outfits. I usually wear them with a navy blue turtle neck sweater and jeans with my hair in a low bun. I have already gotten plenty of use out of them in a short amount of time.


Earrings are not the only way to incorporate tortoise print into your outfits. You can use hair clips, belts, sunglasses, phone cases, clutches, bracelets, and so many others. A tortoise print piece can accessorize the simplest outfit. Use the links below to find other pieces that your can add to your closet! There is plenty to pick from.

I warn you this list is very long, but there were too many pieces to choose from! Take a look from these thinks and be sure to check out your favorite stores and see if you find any others. There are SO many options!

My picks:

Anthropologie Carrie Resin Hoop Earrings – $34. These are similar to the earrings in the bottom left corner in the pictures above. They are nice because the hoops are not large.

Zara Velvet Belt with Buckle  – $29.90. This belt is amazing because it is tortoise print AND velvet! It can be worn with jeans or to belt a dress.

Sonix Tortoise Print iPhone Case – $35. I am very tempted to buy this phone case because then I would always have leopard print in my outfit.

Anthropologie Amelie Octagon Hoop Earrings – $48. These earrings are dressier and a different shape than the hoops I previously linked. They would be perfect to wear to an event.

J. Crew Leopard Print Belt– $65. I am about to purchase this as soon as it goes on sale. I have been looking for a belt and I think it would look amazing with black jeans. There is also one available at Target for $16.99.

Bloomingdale’s LNA Leopard Print Boxy Tee – $95. This shirt is so cute and would also look great with black jeans. It is something you could style to be casual or dressy depending on the occasion.


J. Crew Faux-fur Leopard Coat – $298. I am in love with this coat and really wish I had almost $300 to spend on it!

J. Crew Cropped faux fur coat in snow leopard – $278. I am also in love with this coat. I would pair it with black jeans and a black turtle neck! It’s gorgeous but too expensive to purchase at the moment.

I hope you found something you like and continue to look around at your local stores for other pieces! Let me know if you find anything!



Tortoise earrings and hair clips

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