Shopping in the net

There are many advantages to shopping online, but probably the most famous one is convenience. Considering that life has come to be so hectic these days, the ability to find anything and all you need without even leaving your home is a can be a great time saver. No longer do you have to make the trek to the grocery or allowance store with your kids in tow, screaming because they want all in sight. You can order anything you want with the click of your mouse.

Another thing to think about is that many online shops offer free shipping if you order over a inevitable amount., for example, offers free shipping on most items if your order total is over . So, not only do you not have to pay for the gas to drive to the mall or store, you don’t even have to pay the shipping cost for the items you order.


You will never be able to match the choice of items that you will find online. You can find anything from books, music Cd’s, and Dvd’s to electronics, cameras, and computers. discover toys and video games that will please the kids, and keep them busy for hours – other plus. You will find a never-ending choice of clothes to select from, in sizes to fit the whole family. Not to mention shoes in every style. Jewelry and accessories are available as well. You can even order food and grocery items online.

The Internet is especially helpful when you are looking for an item that is hard to find. You can find any type of collectible imaginable, like art prints, comic books, coins, dolls, games, and cards, just to name a few. Or maybe you are looking for a part for your car that your local auto parts store doesn’t carry. You can likely find it online. Along with a tool you can use to install it. looking for a special gift for your child for Christmas or a birthday? Look no further!

Some websites allow you to comparison shop for items. One such site is allows you to hunt for the items you are looking for, and then collate the prices of these items from some dissimilar online shops in one place. This sure beats running all over town in hunt of the best deal!

Are you looking for some fitness equipment to help you get in shape? Order it online and have it delivered to your door. You can find tons of condition and fitness products together with treadmills, ab machines, aerobic equipment, benches, treadmills, and lots more at

The Advantages of Online Shopping

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My aunt used to take my cousin and I back-to-school shopping once a year. She generously bought us a full outfit each, and treated us to a meal and a movie. She still does! This year, they decided we should continue our girls’ day tradition in China, because why not, they have decent shopping here.

My Aunt Fanita and cousin Sarah arrived in Hangzhou a few days after Lewis and I had returned from Malaysia. We went to a traditional tea house, Hefang Street, and the West Lake before I had to return to work. They were such good sports about trying new foods, putting up with the terrible weather and dealing with the severe lack of western toilets. Chopstick skills improved dramatically over the visit, but they kept back-up forks in their purses in case of emergency. In the dreary late winter, we ended up spending more time in the wet and cold than desired. Thankfully, we got to do lots of shopping. On Hefang Stree, they were able to buy specialty Hangzhou handcrafted silver, silk, and Longjing tea.

After a few more soggy days in Hangzhou, we went to Shanghai for more shopping and sights. We saw a traditional acrobatics show, went on a river cruise on the Bund, and made it to the fake markets. In a metro station in Pudong, there’s a network of shops selling high quality fake products. Not exactly an oxymoron, because these items come from the same factories were the real things are produced, only with teensy tiny differences that only someone with too much time on their hands would notice. Bose speakers, Addidas shoes, Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches, are sold at a fraction of the price, and open to haggling. Since the complex is a labyrinth of stores, there’s some personnel, clingers, who glom onto your group and bring you to the things you’re looking for. By helping you find the right shops, they get a cut of what you spend.

I was so lucky to be able to share the Chinese experience with my favorite shopping buddies. We got to try many new restaurants and visit some of my favorite places. I still can’t believe that they decided to come across the world for a brief vacation, but I’m so happy they did! After their departure, Lewis and I spent more time exploring malls in Hangzhou, impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. A new one had just opened with indoor skydiving. Indoor skiing. A gym. A swimming pool. An IMAX theatre. An entire floor dedicated to gluten, called Flour World (filled with varieties of noodle and dumpling restaurants). There’s a section of the mall where all the stores adhere to a steampunk theme; the milk tea shops and tattoo parlors alike. There’s a DIY area where you can weld stuff. Also, you can make soap, candles, or jewelry. You can oil paint, throw pottery, pot succulents. The best DIY place here is a baby bakery where you can bring your babies to take baking classes. When I’m sad, I just remember that somewhere in a Hangzhou mall, there’s a dozen Chinese toddlers in chefs hats frosting little cakes on tiny lazy susans and then I feel much better. Also, there is a zoo. We hung out with alpacas, parakeets, and a capybara. In the mall.

Some malls have bowling alleys and archery ranges, and others have 5-star restaurants. In a different mall, underneath the Chanel and Tesla stores (I’m serious), we found a delicious, fancy fusion restaurant. Everything was pink and the booths came with plush dining companions. Most of these stores, especially the high end ones, are relatively empty. It seems they rely on a single sale, or fewer, every day in order to stay open. The turnover of stores is remarkable, something can open and close within a matter of weeks. It makes us feel a certain loyalty to our favorites.

As entertaining as these massive shopping centers are, the general consensus is that spending too much time indoors stinks. In the apartment, in the office, or the classroom, I’m generally feeling a bit cooped up. The solution is very intentional bike rides and day hikes around the city. There’s a new crop of Alipay mediated share bikes that I feel relatively safe on, so we’re slowly conquering my irrational fear of two-wheeled transport. These new bikes are so easy to ride, and I paid for two months of unlimited rides. So, my motivation to practice partially comes from getting my money’s worth.

Actually rode the bike, didn’t just pose with it

Qing Ming Festival came and went, indicating the merciless passage of time. This time last year we were trekking in underground caves in Tonglu, and I had made the decision to renew my contract, in favor of many more adventures. This Qing Ming, after making the difficult decision to not renew my contract, Lewis and I carved out some time for ourselves. We ventured to a hot springs resort in Wuyi, and hiked to Dahongyan, “Big Red Cliff.” Sunshine, naps, massages, and peaceful soaking gave us the energy we needed to finish out this second year strong.

As summer approaches, I sometimes feel like I’m running out of gas. At the same time, knowing that I only have a few months is also energizing. Knowing that my time is limited motivates me to do and see all the things I’ve wanted to… For example, see the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, the Li River in Guilin. Basically all the places people come to China to see, I haven’t quite gotten around to. Luckily, after the AP exams, we have more spare time during the day and therefore more energy on the weekends to cover more ground.

What a magical, endlessly beautiful country that I’m so lucky to be able to explore! More next time about our rainy trip to Guilin!

Lots and lots of love,


Green O Fresh!!

Half of our holy month Ramazan has passed and I am already feeling fresh and healthy as compared to last year of Ramazan..

Last year I focused on fried iftari items like Pakoras, Samosas and Rolls and gained alot of weight in just one month along with ugly pimples on my face and laziness.. due to massively spreading pimples on my face I had to visit my skin doctor and he told me that this is all because consumption of fried food only.. he further said that add fruits and salad in your diet as much as you can, it’s good for your health and skin both.

So I’ve decided this year that I would go with the fresh fruits and raw veggies in this Ramazan to be healthy and fit yet beautiful. But the main problem which I had to face for this is to strolling around in markets and arguments on bargaining with greengrocers, that too during fast which was quite hectic for me.

I was scrolling Facebook plunged in these thoughts suddenly an add of #GreenOFresh showed up in my news feed.. I was thinking about fruits and vegetables so I clicked on the page link.. and I was like…. “THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW”

#GreenOFresh is an on-line greengrocer. They deliver you fresh and good quality fruits and vegetables with out hassling in markets.. they have fixed and reasonable rates of their products labelled on their page, you just need to call 0314-3094460 and 0318-3307209, place your order and sit back on your couch, watch your favourite drama serial or movie or whatever you like to do and your order will be placed at your door step in a very international type of packaging..

Isn’t it cool??

Their services are available only in Karachi right now..but inshAllah they will further spread their business all around Pakistan too..

I am so thankful to #GreenOFresh because they have made my Ramazan not only easy but healthy too.

Thank you #GreenOFresh for making our lives easy.

May Allah bless you and spread your business more.


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