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Spending Spree

So, the last few weeks have been a bit of a spending spree for me. I bought my new shoes a month ago, I bought a new pair of dungarees, and yesterday I finally bought my bike and all the accessories I would need for my bike.

Now, I’m looking seriously at new laptops for the book club.

My bike is lovely, I haven’t had a chance to take it out yet cause I’ve been working since I’ve bought it, and when I finish work I’m usually so tired I can’t function. Like, now, I’m yawning as I type this and it’s currently not even 10pm. So, yeah, I’ll go out on my bike on Monday. I’ve not ridden a bike in over ten years so this is going to be an interesting experience. I’ll probably fall off a few times.

The new laptop for the book club could become a necessity. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m thinking of ways to make the book club more interesting, and at the moment I’ve got songs that match the book, or songs of the week.

Another would be potentially drawing book covers for the books. Like, my drawing skills suck, so it would be like a funny/the book cover tells all kind of thing.

To be able to do that kind of stuff on the blog, I would need to be able to draw on a tablet/laptop.

As lovely as my Mac is, one thing it is not is touch screen. So, I’ve been shopping around. As much as the Surface Pro looks good, the price tag is not so nice. It’s nearly £1000 just to get the basic model. The Surface Go is coming out soon, and half the price, though I’m waiting on reviews to see how the processor holds up.

I’m also looking at other options, but for the price I’m willing to pay, I think I’m going to have to sacrifice the processor speed. I’m not going to be able to get a good laptop at a decent price, and that’s just the market we currently live in. I can’t really change a lot about that.

So, I’m currently looking for the ones with the best reviews. I’m not currently being too fussy, as all I’ll need it for is emails/drawing/web. So, my list currently includes the Yoga Book, and a few Chrome Books.

Another aspect I’ll have to consider is the drawing apps that I can get on them. I hate Photoshop with a passion, and I can never get my head around it, so the more basic the better.

But, I think this could be something fun, but something I’ll look into over the next few months before the book club starts back up again properly.

We’ll just have to see how everything goes.

For now, I’m just going to go to sleep and get ready for work in the morning. I need the sleep.

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