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There are many advantages to shopping online, but probably the most famous one is convenience. Considering that life has come to be so hectic these days, the ability to find anything and all you need without even leaving your home is a can be a great time saver. No longer do you have to make the trek to the grocery or allowance store with your kids in tow, screaming because they want all in sight. You can order anything you want with the click of your mouse.

Another thing to think about is that many online shops offer free shipping if you order over a inevitable amount., for example, offers free shipping on most items if your order total is over . So, not only do you not have to pay for the gas to drive to the mall or store, you don’t even have to pay the shipping cost for the items you order.


You will never be able to match the choice of items that you will find online. You can find anything from books, music Cd’s, and Dvd’s to electronics, cameras, and computers. discover toys and video games that will please the kids, and keep them busy for hours – other plus. You will find a never-ending choice of clothes to select from, in sizes to fit the whole family. Not to mention shoes in every style. Jewelry and accessories are available as well. You can even order food and grocery items online.

The Internet is especially helpful when you are looking for an item that is hard to find. You can find any type of collectible imaginable, like art prints, comic books, coins, dolls, games, and cards, just to name a few. Or maybe you are looking for a part for your car that your local auto parts store doesn’t carry. You can likely find it online. Along with a tool you can use to install it. looking for a special gift for your child for Christmas or a birthday? Look no further!

Some websites allow you to comparison shop for items. One such site is allows you to hunt for the items you are looking for, and then collate the prices of these items from some dissimilar online shops in one place. This sure beats running all over town in hunt of the best deal!

Are you looking for some fitness equipment to help you get in shape? Order it online and have it delivered to your door. You can find tons of condition and fitness products together with treadmills, ab machines, aerobic equipment, benches, treadmills, and lots more at

The Advantages of Online Shopping

iPhone users can now post Instagram Stories about the shows they’re watching direct from the Netflix app

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And play.


Hello ? Hi? I’m not really sure which greeting to use, since I haven’t blogged in the past 3 years. Why? I don’t know. What made you start again? I also don’t know. I don’t have those answers and I don’t feel they need a full explanation. All I can say is, I’m back and I have a few things planned that I would like to do or try ( because being blonde is the only excuse I have if I make mistake..haha). But for now, I’m sticking to here whilst I still try figure a few things out. It feels like I’m reteaching myself how to be 21, except in a non-admittedly adult way, which no, its not fun. Especially when you catch yourself reflecting on the past 4 years, how am I an adult already ?

Anyway, I’ve made a goal this year to make this my baby. Its a big one and I’m feeling pretty damn positive! Can anyone hear me?

In starting my page back up again , I figured it would be an adventure to try out beauty products and give my feedback on them, as well as trying out a Vegan recipe book that my mom gave me for Christmas. Its super nifty, because a. I’m a pescatarian for those that don’t know, and I have a small health condition that doesn’t allow me fully to eat gluten products and b. because I can’t cook and I feel this is something way out of my comfort zone. What better way to learn and then share the recipes I’ve had good experiences with?

So I have some products that I’ve been testing but I feel that its too soon to give feedback, even though I’ve already seen results. I thought this could be my first post as a welcome back and just a small hello from the other side of the screen.

This is YOUR year and you need to make it about you. Stop sweating the small stuff and constantly trying to please those around you – man, just do what makes your soul feel alive!

Keep watching because there will be an insert here soon of the latest things to give a go.

Have a happy day xx

From January 22 to February 7, Apple is looking for outstanding photographs for its ‘Shot on iPhone Challenge’.

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