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Michigan was the first Big Ten Conference school to offer Opa Locka (Fla.) Monsignor Pace 2020 cornerback Jaheem Joseph.

2020 CB Jaheem Joseph Previews Michigan BBQ at the Big House Visit

The BBQ on July 28 will be Joseph’s first visit to Michigan.

For the first time in life, Opa Locka (Fla.) Monsignor Pace 2020 cornerback Jaheem Joseph will make a trip to the University of Michigan.

He will be in attendance for the BBQ at the Big House on July 28.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the campus and one of the most iconic stadiums in college football, which is the Big House,” Joseph said. “I’m excited to get in contact with the coaches and I want to meet Coach (Jim) Harbaugh.”

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Being that it is Joseph’s first time in Ann Arbor, he said it will be a “special” trip due to the academics and athletics involving the Wolverines.

“Michigan is a very prestigious school,” Joseph said. “Even outside of sports, they are one of the top academic schools in the country, so to have a chance to play big-time football and a degree that would guarantee me to get a job after football is amazing.”

The 5-foot-11, 170-pound cornerback has offers to play for Florida Atlantic, Louisville, Marshall, Michigan and Syracuse.

“Michigan is one of the top schools for me,” Joseph said. “I mostly talk to Don Brown.”

The other school Joseph has an offer from that he is most interested in is Syracuse.

“I haven’t spoken to any of the coaches there, but my head coach told me they really like my film and size,” Joseph said of the Orange.

Coming along with Joseph, his father Tony Joseph is also excited to see what Michigan has to offer. However, he is mainly “blown away” by his son’s life opportunities through Division I football.

“He loves that Michigan is also a big-time academic school,” Jaheem said of his father. “He consistently reminds me how blessed I am because I have an opportunity to play Division I football, while others don’t.”

Jaheem believes Auburn, Nebraska and Miami (Fla.) could be the next schools to extend a scholarship offer.

The cornerback prospect unofficially visited Miami on March 31 and April 14.

“Since growing up, Miami has been my dream school,” Jaheem said.

WolverinesWire has a full list of recruits planning to attend the BBQ at the Big House.

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The day started later than usual. Many people had stayed up late since we didn’t have camp. When we all woke up around 9, all the team members started to pack to leave. As we packed, everyone scrambled to find a way to shove all our gifts into our luggage. The 4 Taiwan volunteers left about 2 hour before we got done. When we finished packing, the team went down to the kitchen to eat our brunch around 11:30. We brought our luggage and backpacks as we went down.

When we finished eating, the Tian Zhong team hung out out with us in the church. Some of our students arrived to see us off too. We took more pictures to commemorate our time together. There are plenty of fun pictures taken. More small gifts and cards were given during this time.  As the time got closer to leave, many of the students started to cry as they hugged us. We got everything packed into two vans and left for Taipei at 12:30pm. We arrived in Taipei at 3pm. The first thing we did was explore the mall and buy gifts. We also ate dinner in mall as well. We finished the day at the mall and turned-in for the night.


Sunday, July 15th

We started the day at 8am to go to breakfast. We went to Qburger, a local chain, to eat breakfast. Then, we had a church service at 10am. After service, most of the group went out to sight see. Before we left, we said good-bye to Mrs. Pan because she would leave while she was out. Other members decided to opt out due to injury. The first location was Taipei 101. We explored the outside and took plenty of pictures. We also went inside where there was a mall. We went around looking at the shops. While looking at shops, we got some mango shaved ice from inside Taipai 101. Later, we went down a few floors to get some more food after looking around.

After the food, we went out into the connecting malls in the Taipei 101 area. We went around looking at more shops. We also got to watch some  street performances. After walking even more, we decided to go back to the church. When we got back, some people went to the mall to get dinner since they didn’t eat at Taipei 101. The others went straight back to the church. When everyone got back to the church, we hung out in different groups. Some played Truth or Dare while others talked with each other. After the down time, we had a meeting to prepare for Day 1 of the second camp.

 Written by Sarah Liao


Wrap Wonder!

Hello friends!

How are you all doing?? I hope you are well and thanks for reading or following my blog! This has sure been a fun road!

Today I wanted to share my newfound yellow dress! I’ve been on the hunt a couple months for a yellow dress- I’ve found several but style/size/length somehow hasn’t worked. It’s been a (buy the dress- I’ve bought two at Target)-then next day return for reasons listed above. (For some reason I really don’t like trying on items in the dressing room of a store-that annoys me) so I’m constantly or often returning ill fitting items that look good on a hanger.