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Our house has different elements which makes it so beautiful. The simple decoration is what makes it unique. The furniture, traditional wall clock, vases etc. these are some of the little features of a beautiful house. But one element of any house which gives the most stunning look is the Carpets. They are enough for any room in the house to give a classic look.  There are several types of carpets which can paint the artistic beauty in the house. Like the Original Karastan Collection which throws a gorgeous view by its patterns.


In spite of beauty, carpets also serve additional purposes in a house like they can give warmth in the cold areas. It gives comfort when we walk on it, the soft and comfy feeling is pretty relieving. Another benefit is that if you use carpet there is going to be less slip and fall accidents. You can use it on the slippery floor to prevent that. It gives a luxurious feel to the house. The bright and rich colours of the carpets surely attract the guests more than anything in the house.

If you are thinking of buying a carpet, then you have to take care of a few things which will get you the best carpet and in addition compliments from the guests too.

Let’s see some of the tips to buy a carpet:

Choose the right Fibre :-

The material which the carpet is made up is pretty important because it can ruin the whole feeling if the fibre isn’t suitable for the house. There are many Aubusson Rugs For Sale USA which have different types of options available for fibres.

Nylon is the most popularly chosen fibres because it looks beautiful and its durability is proven. It is also the most used fibre for making carpets. But it is expensive than any other carpet fibre.

If you are low on budget, then polyester is best for you. All polyester carpets aren’t strong and can tear after some time so take care of that.

Choose from the variety of styles :-

Carpets come in various styles like Saxony, Berber, plush and textured. All these styles are applied to the surface of the carpet. It is the main area which actually gives the shine and beauty to the area. There are many cost-effective styles which give beautiful look and don’t dig a hole in your wallet. Textured styled carpets are very popular because they spread a classic look to the house. The Discontinued Karastan Rug Patterns take the stunning level to the next level.

Purchase under pads too :-

If you want to use the carpet for a long time, then you should purchase underpad with it. The underpad goes under the carpet to make it more durable. It isn’t necessary to buy an expensive one.

Choose the carpet provider carefully :-

You can find thousands of carpet providers on the internet but all of them don’t have a good variety. Some might just have few carpets with limited options for style. So, better choose the provider which can give you several styles of Karastan Ashara Agra Ivory Rug.  You can be ensured that you get the best-designed carpets.

Fall Fashion Shopping List

I’ve barely done any fall shopping this year, and that’s mostly because I thought I didn’t really need anything. I am not the type of person that needs a new wardrobe for each season, and I will happily wear something until it falls apart. However, a couple of items in my closet are falling apart, and it made me realize that I could use a few new updates in my wardrobe. So, even though we are halfway through fall now, here’s what’s on my fall fashion shopping list!

Teddy Coat

People started rocking the teddy coat last fall, but if you’re someone like my sister who always seems to be ahead of trends, then you were already rocking one the year before that. Though I love how cozy it looks, I was on the fence about if I could pull it off or not. Now, seeing how so many different people style the coat, I’ve definitely warmed up to it, and would love one as a comfy, fall coat option. Many brands also offer the teddy coat in different colours, but I think I’d still stick with the classic beige shade.

Thicker Knits

We’ve had some pretty chilly fall days here, which made me realize my wardrobe is seriously lacking in thicker knits. I have quite a few thinner knits, which are great for fall, but not great on those colder days. So, when you want to dress warmer, without wearing a ton of layers, these are great for pairing with your fall coat and a scarf, as the thicker material means you’ll be nice and warm without the bulk of extra layers (or worse, your winter coat).

Black Crossbody Bag

In my opinion, everybody needs a classic black crossbody bag, as it goes with everything, it can be dressed up or down, and it never goes out of style. Annoyingly, my current black crossbody bag is barely a year old and the strap has already completely ripped on the one side. I’d love to replace it with either a Matt & Nat bag, as they have the best vegan leather in regards to quality, or one from Zara, as I find their bags are made really well for the price.

Cozy Loungewear

The colder weather means I get to embrace my inner homebody, and not leave the house once it gets dark out. However, for someone who loves staying in, my loungewear really needs an upgrade. I always associate loungewear = sleepwear, and I need to break away from that mentality, as I get really hot when I sleep, so my sleepwear is definitely not warm and cozy. However, I love being warm and cozy when I’m curled up on the couch with a film or a book, and I definitely need all of these loungewear bits, stat.

Leather Jacket

For the last six or so years, I have lived in my beloved leather jacket, but the faux leather is starting to tear and crumble off of the jacket. Though I’ll probably get another vegan leather jacket because it’s more affordable, there’s no denying a real leather jacket lasts incredibly longer, and just gets better with age. If anyone out there has any tips on how to preserve vegan leather, please let me know!

What fashion purchases have you made this fall? Is there anything else you’re hoping to add to your wardrobe?