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Hey lovelies,

I’m finally back from my blog hiatus. So, I’ve been obsessed with mermaids for the longest time! I’ve started learning to swim when I was four and then started swimming competitively from seven till seventeen.

Competitive swimming took me to different countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Perth (Australia). I spent most of my teenage years in the water and hence, I developed this inherent obsession with everything underwater and mermaids. I’ve haven’t snorkeled in the ocean before so that is definitely on my to-do bucket list. Guess I’m a pool mermaid. LOL.

Fun fact: During orientation day five years ago, I briefly mentioned that my life goal is to be a mermaid and my bestie has been calling Merms (mermaid for short) ever since!

Anyway, *drumroll please*,  let me present to you a list of things a modern mermaid needs.


  1. Pearl Detangle Brush, IsGift 
  2. Seashell mirror, IsGift
  3. Sea-tox seaweed body lotion, Bath and Body Works
  4. Let’s be mermaids sea mineral mist, Bath and Body Works
  5. Hand sanitizer holder, Bath and Body Works (Meant to be a key chain but it broke.)
  6. Mermaid figurine with LED lights, shop in Block Arcade

Other things that are not included in the picture above:

mermaid hair

7. Mermaid Hair shampoo and conditioner, Mermaid Perfume

mermaid tears

8. Too Faced Mermaid tears lip topper, Too Faced


9. Mermaids made me nail polish, I Scream Nails . It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. I have a few of their polishes and they are quite long lasting and the application is smooth and streak-free too.



10. Song of the Siren fragrance, Tokyo Milk. I personally have 20,000 flowers under the sea. It comes with a beautiful box which has a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in 1830. It’s extremely pretty as well so it will look great in your fragrance cabinet. It’s also one of my staples. They also have matching hand cream and lip balm.


11. Stationery. You can hunt cute mermaid goodies at KMart, Target and Typo. They’re usually at a really good price too.

mermaid tights

12. Mermaid tights, nothing screams Mermaid more than some shimmery scales. You can get them from Etsy or Ebay. However, Ebay is a lot cheaper. I rip my tights all the time so Ebay is a much cheaper alternative for me.

Other mermaid outfit/items tips:

13. Anything shimmery, iridescent, pearly, holographic, you can consider getting them. I’m actually a magpie. I’m naturally drawn to things that are shiny so I think hunting for mermaid things is second nature to me.

14. Also, don’t be shy to go to the kids’ section. I shop there all the time because that’s where you can get all the cute stuff and they’re probably not expensive too.

Signing off,

V x.

Your friendly neighbourhood mermaid.


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The news that Coles are currently trialling the ban of trolleys from self-checkouts at some of their supermarkets has the potential to divide an entire nation. At least that’s what one local social commentator is claiming, as the seemingly common-sense decision may not be as fair as first thought.

While the trial is carried out at Coles venues across Australia, including Fountain Gate here in Melbourne, social commentator Liz Campbell has told The Watsonia Bugle that she fears a swift pushback from customers if the trial is implemented permanently. Campbell said, “Forget politics. Forget religion. This is the kind of supposedly ‘micro-issue’ that could truly divide a nation. While some people choose to steer clear of politics, you ask anyone anywhere and I bet they’ll have an opinion on whether trolleys should be allowed in the self-checkout area of their local supermarket.”

Campbell also claimed that because both sides of the argument have a reasonable case, the issue isn’t going to be resolved any time soon. She said, “At first it just makes sense to ban the trolley. I mean, who doesn’t hate it when they just want to pay for a couple of things and they get stuck behind some inconsiderate asshole pushing their weekly shop through.

“But when you analyse the situation a little more deeply, it’s not as clear cut as it first seems. Self-checkouts have reduced the number of traditional checkouts that are available, which naturally tempts trolley pushers to delve into the self-checkout area. Not to mention the increased opportunities for putting your expensive apples through as brown onions.”