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A large yellow skip parking in one of the highly coveted 10-minute parking spots outside Brown Gouge at Greensborough Plaza has grossly overstayed its welcome, with residents growing angrier by the day. While it’s unclear how long the skip has been parked there, most regular shoppers agree it has been there for at least three weeks, and are wondering what kind of parking ticket it will be given.

Studies indicate that the peak time for this area is from 8.00am to 8.00pm each day, meaning the skip is hogging at least 72 potential 10-minute parks every day that it is there (#math). It currently sits in one of just three 10-minute spots which is perfect for just dropping in to the Plaza for a few things, while avoiding running the gauntlet of supposedly illegally parking at McDonalds.

The majority of the residents we spoke to at the scene this morning were angry about the long-term occupation. None more so than Grant Walker who said, “it’s absolutely ridiculous! Surely they can find somewhere else to put it. I love those spots man, when I get one of them it makes my day. Occasionally I might stay a tiny bit longer than 10 minutes, but I’m never there for weeks at a time. I’m going to write a letter!”

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As I sit here this peaceful Sunday evening the thing on my mind is Magic Shampoo. One year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of having another business and helping people grow back the hair they have lost. Yet today it is one of the most fulfilling things on my plate other than being a Mother.

Today I have 30+ happy customers who’s lives I am changing with a bottle of shampoo. I have some who have experienced severe thinning or hair loss to the point where they would be still wearing hair pieces if it had not been for my magic shampoo. One in particular is my grandmother who wore a wiglet for 4+ years. Two months after using my products she stopped wearing it. Yes it made that much of a difference. See her photo below with red hair.

My story is similar and different from my grandmothers’. My whole life I had thick beautiful hair until my late teens when I started perming and coloring my hair more. I also attribute my hair loss to my diet. Every where I walked my hair would shed to the point where I became really self conscious about it. Then I had my son and of course there was some post partum hair loss. Just wait because if that wasn’t enough I decided to get another perm and that was the breaking point LITERALLY!!! The perm was not done right and gave me a chemical haircut right in my bangs. I could feel the stubble and it was horrifying.

I later learned that chemical cuts don’t usually grow back. So for 4 years I hid my bald spot as well as I could, but always hoped that an answer would come. Fast forward to the beginning of the year when I learned of this miraculous product and what this company was promising. Not only could I grow most of the hair I lost but my hair would be better then it ever was.  Soft, shiny, full, manageable and healthy.

Once I tried it I immediately fell in LOVE!! I knew it was the real deal after researching what it had done for so many. Not only was it giving people back their confidence but it was making them dream bigger. They were starting their own businesses and it was thriving.  A bottle of shampoo was truly changing their lives and their families lives. I knew I had to be a part of that and so here I am. 6Months into this incredible journey I am changing peoples lives and my own in the process.

Today I recorded a webinar that explains our products, culture, family and opportunity. Its 15 minutes long and is packed full of information. So if you would like to hear more about it then put this address in your search bar and enjoy.

If you would like to talk more about this with me feel free to email me at

Have a wonderful week,

Alexandria Osborne