Shopping in the net

Spoiled myself with a bit of retail therapy over the weekend.

New fridge delivered this morning…..I better go shopping

Everyone loves to decorate their houses with several kinds of decorative items, such as flower vase, miniatures, antiques, twinkling lights, posters and much more. Some of the people like to decorate their home with royal touch as they prefer to install some antiques and expensive items in their rooms. If you are talking about the royal touch then cowhide rugs are very popular among the people these days. These cowhide rugs are usually the rugs that are made up of cow hide. These rugs are very shiny and silky as the original skin of the cow is used in it. If you are looking for installing these rugs in your house then you can go with grey cowhide rugs as they look awesome and more attractive. Follow this website to get in touch.

Grey Cowhide Rug

These grey cowhide rugs are not very common and they look very attractive and come with a brilliant shiny design that you may want for your home. The color of cowhide rugs is also very unique and you can’t find it easily. If you are thinking of styling your room then installation of these rugs is the ideal solution for you. These are found in larger sizes as most of the people who live in a bungalow prefer to keep it in their halls. These cowhide rugs are very light and you can easily accommodate them. Cleaning these cowhide rugs is also very easy and you will not face any difficulty to clean them. You can also notice some small brown spots on these rugs which look really cool and royal. All the hairs on these rugs are long, shiny and silky.

$64 – A perfect small touch of elegance that she can dress up or down, this girls romper is a new creation from Tru Luv. The design features a bodice that falls of her shoulder. This neckline is supported with stretch smocking while her long sleeves drape elegantly before trimmed in white. The thin straps are adjustable and criss cross. Smocking is found again at her waist before introducing the wide cut shorts.

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